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Apr. 16th, 2008


I'm Jess, generally a Ventureslash fan (twincest love), but the lack of good fanfiction and art has sent me venturing (was that pun intended? the world will never know) into other fandoms. So over the past week, i've gotten completely hooked on Wiggerslash, and this community is a godsend (even though it seems a bit sluggish).

Thought i might try to start up a conversation, for those interested...

What do you think is the most likely way in which Gin and Ed (III) would hook up for the first time? Hook up could mean kissing, dry-humping, third base (teeheehee), crazy buttlove, or professing their undying love for eachother... how do you think it first happened, or how do you think it might happen?

Personally.... I think that Gin has had a man-crush on Ed for ages, then Ed got shitfaced and pounced on him. I'm considering writing a fic that runs along the same lines. Any other opinions?

Unknown, Unknowns Part 6

So I posted this and its edited because I was reviewing it and good fucking god there are a lot of errors

Unknown Unknows Part Five

Unknown, Unknowns Part Four

Unknown Unknowns Part 2

Um, I’m kinda making both of them a little more competent then they seem to be in the show,forgive me but this is how I see them…when they are kinda sober anyway…the first part is on my livejournal


Unknown, Unknowns Part 2




Unknown, Unknowns Series Part One

Well here it is finally, I hope that it meets your expectations.

A Few More

Just wanted give people here a heads up that I am a new person and that I will be posting a Gin/Ed fic soon,  maybe tonight or Saturday. This story has been balancing on my finger tips ever sine I saw the Health Inspector episode with both of them it....for those of you who are curious its called Hot Brass

So...its past Saturday and still no story...and I have to say that I am very sorry but this little tale has kinda spun out of control...up to like twenty pages but it will be posted in the next two days
. So you all have my apologies, I promise that I will post soon.

~Devil and Mirth~


Never thought I'd see this place again. Seems like it was yesterday I was an active member here.

Anyways, I got back here, with a new account, just cus I was making a YTP out of "Shinin'" and thought "Hmm, I wonder if anyone can be paired up with Thugnificent?" and then played a loop of Ed rubbing his own bum. Teeeheee :B

Seriously though, can he be paired up with anyone? I mean he needs some man-tail, amirite?

My first (Boondocks) fanfiction.

Eeeee...be gentle guys! This is the first time I've wrote something for this fandom, so hopefully it doesn't suck. XD

Title: Gangstas Can’t Swim (It's a GTO reference, for those who care. 8D)

Rating: Eh...PG-13??? o-o;;

Pairing: Rummy and Ed

Author: Cam

Disclaimer: If I owned the Boondocks, there'd be a lot less clothing and a lot more ass sex.