Hey yall im new here but i wrote a ed/rummy fic 4 yall

Summary- we know about ed the 1st and we know about ed the 2rd but what happend to ed the 2nd


“Man you cheatin” ed said while we attempted to grab the controller out of rummy's hand.

“ naw man you cant come all up in my space,let go of my controller nigga”gin replied on the verge of laughter. Suddenly player died in a fiery explosion. Ed and rummy sat on the couch laughing in hysteria. Rummy now on the floor, ed fell right on top of him their position looked a little...... more than friendly, why if you didn't know them you probably think they were...... The phone rang and the butler picked it up just as Mr wunclear walked down the steps.”ahem Mr.wunclear sir, there is a Mr.ed the 2nd on the phone for you” the butler informed. Mr.wunclear expression immediately fell from a mild half smiley face to a full on frown. “ ed that fuckers on the phone for you”wunclear yelled. Ed stopped laughing and headed for the hallway where the phone was. “who is it” ed asked his grandpa. He just mumbled something incoherently and walked off. Ed shrugged his shoulders and picked up the phone. “wassup”

“ed is that you?” a familiar voice asked almost similar to eds

“yeah, who dis”

“ed its me,your dad”

“dad” ed exclaimed his face lit up for a quick second like a four year old on Christmas day

“hey son how you been”

“its cool”

“thats great how was Iraq”

“war” suddenly ed was reminded of how distant he and his father actually were.

“listen,ummm I haven't seen you in a while and I'm having a big party this weekend I was wondering if maybe you would stop by” any one could hear the pure hopefulness in his voice

“umm yeah sure I guess so”

Ed jotted down some directions phone number and returned to the living room. Rummy was sprawled out on the couch in a deep sleep. Ed just stood their for a moment and watched him. He started to think about all of the good and ad moment he and rummy had together. Suddenly he found himself blushing. It was like this infatuation he had with Rummy. But he wasn't gay or nothing because doesn't everybody

love their best friend? Ed decided to sit on the floor right under the couch and watch t.v he turned on his favorite movie. Nobody knew this but rummy but it was of course the Titanic, the greatest movie ever made. About a couple hour later rummy was awoken by sound of sniffles looked around and saw ed on the floor almost in tears. He was about to ask him why he was crying until he looked up ant the television and saw.....that movie. Rummy slid down on the floor and reluctantly watched the titanic with ed. Finally later that evening the movie finally went off. “eh gin you ever been to Charlotte north Carolina” ed asked “naw why” gin was slightly intrigued “ you wanna go” ed asked again “why”gin knew their was more to this story “to visit my peoples” “peoples what family you got in the south ed”

gin had his full attention on ed because for one ed don't talk to his family and even if he did it wouldn't make since for them to be in north Carolina “my pops lives in Charlotte man” their was a long awkward pause.

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Omg i wrote a story you guys! It's pure Gin/Ed pr0n, so if you're not into that don't read it... but i KNOW you're all into that.

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